First Game

First Game


The words I’ve been dreading:

Batter up!

That’s me.

I’m in.

No idea what I’m supposed to do.

The pitcher winds his arm;

something white whizzes past my face

Strike one!

Oops. I guess I should have swung.

Come on, Max.

That was a sitter!

Easy for Sam to say,

he’s safe in the crowd.

Big brothers always think they’re better.

Maybe he should come see things from where I stand.

Strike two!

Oh. Didn’t even see that one coming.

Too busy worrying about Sam.

Maybe I should concentrate.

The pitcher winds his arm back.

I focus.

A white blurr whizzes towards me.

I close my eyes


And whack.

I hit it. I can’t believe I hit it!


Sam again.

My legs propel me

towards first base.

Throw it to first!

a fielder cries

but I’m there before the ball.

Safe on first!


The sweetest  word

I’ve ever heard.


copyright Sally Murphy 2013