When Rebecca gave me the latest batch of words, I had no idea what those three words would provoke. I started writing, and this is what came out – about an issue close to my heart.


I sing

of a courageous tree

which struggles on

beside the sea

in spite of wind

and waves

and sand


betwixt ocean and land.


I sing

of snail

that battles on

though winter’s rains

are so long gone

and shelters


in fragile shell.

How long

till rain

he cannot tell.


I sing

of you

embattled child

whose land

and life

have been defiled.

Who seeks new home

new hope

new place

Yet languish now

in no-man-s space.


I sing

to tell the world you’re there.

I sing

to let you know I care.

And like that tree

and like that snail

I sing in hopes

you will prevail.


I sing for you

young refugee

in hopes one day

you will be free.


Sally Murphy, 2014